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Vented & Unvented Hot Water
Storage Systems.

Course Overview:

This course covers all new requirements of building regulation and replaces the old
unvented hot water course.

Updated due to the recently revised G3 Building Regulation, this course features the
original content of the old unvented hot water systems training, plus the new requirements under G3 for both vented
and unvented systems.

The course is recognized by Competent Person Schemes (CPS) approved to offer self
certification under Approved Document G.

Who is this training course for?

This course is designed for candidates experienced within the trade area or who hold relevant qualifications. If you
are unsure, please speak to a member of our Training Team on 01922 612121 who will be able to advise you

Course Duration:

1 day - 8:30am to 4:30pm.
This course is also available as an on-site training course dependent on candidate numbers.

? Installation & Safety.                      ? Design considerations.
? Regulations, standards and guidelines.      ? Components and function.
? Theory of Hot Water expansion.              ? Safety controls, discharge and integration.
? Principles of Hot Water storage.            ? Maintenance and servicing.

Training & Assessment methods:

All candidates will receive a Vented and Un-Vented Hot Water Storage Systems Training Course workbook 3 weeks
before the assessment date in order for them to complete the self-learning modules.

During the morning session on the date of the assessment, a formal tutorial and review of the candidates completed
workbook will be held followed by a written assessment during the afternoon session.

Course Achievements:

Successful candidates will receive a fully accredited Cert-ain Vented & Unvented Hot Water certification.

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