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Gas Training Courses & Assessments:

LPG Changeover.

Course Overview:

This course is designed to help experienced gas operatives to make the transition from working with natural gas to
working with liquid petroleum gas (LPG). The CONGLP1 qualification comprises of various categories and premise
types including Permanent Dwellings (PD), Residential Park Homes (RPH) and Leisure Accommodation Vehicles,
i.e. caravans and motor homes (LAV).

Who is this training course for?

This course is designed for engineers who already hold CCN1 or COCN1 certification of competence.

Course Duration:

2 days (approximately) depending on which assessment or assessments are being undertaken. Please speak to a
member of our Training Team on 01922 612121 for further details.

Assessment Modules available:

? CONGLP - Change over from natural gas to LPG.  ? CONGLP1 LAV - Leisure Accommodation Vehicles.
? CONGLP1 PD - Permanent Dwellings.              ? HTRLP - Caravan Gas Fires (Closed Flue & Widney).
? CONGLP1 RPH - Residential Park Homes.

Training is not a pre-requisite for assessment.

Training & Assessment methods:

Candidates will be assessed both practically and theoretically throughout the duration of this course.

Course Achievements:

Successful candidates will be awarded Cert-ain certification of ACS Competence for any modules they
undertake enabling them to register with Gas Safe.

Additional Information:

Candidates will need to hold current or pre-requisite qualifications to undertake the LPG assessments. If you are
unsure, speak to a member of our Training Team on 01922 612121 who can advise you accordingly.

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